Why can't I post a forum question in certain sections

I'm asking this in Project Guidance, Because in the Website and Forum section I don't see a "New Topic" button.

And I don't see a "New Topic" button in the MKR 1010 WIFI support section either, which is where I really want to ask a question.

My question really is, for the MKR 1010 i2S, what is the clock speed?


Don't know, but the default/basic I2C standard (nothing to do with Arduino) is 100kHz.
I suppose ALL Arduinos default to that.

You can of course change that.
400kHz is another/newer I2C standard.
AFAIK all Arduinos support that.

Wire.setClock(400000); // high speed I2C

Make sure ALL devices on the bus can do that FM+ standard.

Just note the OP said I2S not I2C.
The frequency of the I2S, while it can run at slower speeds has a fixed upper limit. I am not sure but I think it runs at full speed.