Why can't i use Arduino with Mac OSX El Capitan?

I have numerous Arduino Boards Uno's, Mega 2560's & Nano's, & since i updated the OS on my macbook from OSX Yosemite to OSX El Capitan, none of my boards are assigned a COM Port!!! All i get is a Bluetooth port which means the board isn't recognised! Please help!

Welcome friend, to the new Apple.

I had this problem too, with Nano's that worked perfectly until I installed El Capitan. I worked quite a while before I found out that Apple has implemented a new protective scheme in El Capitan called System Integrity Protection. SIP doesn't let third-party software tickle the system parameters unless it has been approved by Apple. The USB drivers used by a lot of non-native (I'm trying to be politically correct here) Uno variants aren't on Apple's happy-list, and from my investigation, I don't think there's a workaround.

I rolled myself back to Yosemite. If you made a backup before the upgrade, just jettison EC and go back. I can't advise you on how to get rid of EC if you don't have a backup.

Good luck. My opinion of Apple has gone way down.

It’s possible to disable SIP, although (naturally) Apple doesn’t make this easy. I’m simply never going to upgrade to El Capitan. And my next computer will run Windows.

http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=351999.0 might have relevant stuff.


OK - was able to get the Arduino IDE working with my factory Arduino Uno. Uploaded and ran the simple blinking LED on pin 13. No issues. Here is what I did:

Environment: - OS X El Capitan v10.11.1 - Arduino IDE v1.6.6 hourly build 2015/10/14 1607hrs

Disabled OS X SIP (don't do this unless you know what you are doing and why) - Reboot your Mac into Recovery Mode by restarting your computer and holding down Command+R until the Apple logo appears on your screen. - Click Utilities > Terminal. - In the Terminal window, type in csrutil disable and press Enter. - Restart your Mac.

SIP is now disabled. You can reenable it at any by following the above instructions and substituting csrutil enable in for the Terminal command.

Arduino works as expected.

Good luck.


Tried an official Mega 2560 + Mac OS X 10.11?

An Uno compatible board - RedBoard works for me, but an official 2560 does not. Mac doesn't recognize it as a serial device.

--> rlabatt

Environment: OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 Both Arduino IDE hourly build 10/14 and 10/27 Uno R3 and Leonardo

Rebooted in Recovery mode. Used the csrutil disable, got the accepted message, rebooted the computer, still unable to communicate with the Uno R3, bluetooth still disabled after the attempt to upload.

I checked with csrutil status and indeed SIP was disabled.

I also had to use the force quit app to get the arduino app to quit.

Did you update to El Capitan or do a clean install?

What else might you have done?

Genuine Arduino's do not work on Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11 for me.

10.11 + Genuine Uno + csrutil disable = no serial port 10.11 + Redboard Uno + pre-installed AppleUSBFTDI = serial port detected

10.11 + Genuine Mega 2650 + csrutil disable = no serial port 10.11 + Chinese Clone Mega 2560 + CH430 = serial port detected

Anyone have a fix?

I can't upload to Arduino board. I get the wrong USB driver (iMac OSX 10.11 El Capitan). My board is UNO with USB driver chip MEGA 16U2. As I connect the board to the computer and start Arduino-software (IDE 1.6.5) I get USB driver: /dev/cu.usbmodem1D11 This driver does not work. As I used also my laptops in my laboratory at school (Macbook Air OSX 10.11 El Capitan), they work fine. With same print board (Arduino Uno) then I get for the drivers dev/cu.usbmodem1411 Tested with Arduino IDE 1.6.5.R5, Later tried 1.0.6 and 1.6.6 but these version also doesn't work .

Found this document, but still don't get it worked. http://www.ftdichip.com/Support/Documents/AppNotes/AN_134_FTDI_Drivers_Installation_Guide_for_MAC_OSX.pdf

[quote - Click Utilities > Terminal. - In the Terminal window, type in csrutil disable and press Enter. - Restart your Mac.

SIP is now disabled.


I downloaded El Capitan on 2/11/2015... I have the same problem BUT the terminal looked at me longingly and with a bovine glare it said that crsutil does not exist......

Sure enough, not trusting the big white and silver cow I checked and an ls revealed nothing of any significance!

Have they decided that they will not let us have access to our computers?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Graham. :o

GrahamPrattWyalong: I downloaded El Capitan on 2/11/2015... I have the same problem BUT the terminal looked at me longingly and with a bovine glare it said that crsutil does not exist......

Clearly I have the bovine glare.... Heheheh there appears to be a difference between crsutil and crsutil.

I did find in my search that someone else has found you can leave it enabled but just disable t he key checking on the sip....

Crsutil enable --without kext


Now however I have a compile error saying /bin/avr-g++: no such file or directory


I'm having the same problem with El Capitan and an Arduino Due. There's an open issue about it on the Arduino github, so we're working on it!

Also it seems that Paul from Teensyduino had the same problem but somehow fixed it: https://forum.pjrc.com/threads/31043-Teensyduino-1-26-Beta-1-Available

Hi im new to Arduino, just bought my first Arduino Uno. My computer runs MAC OS X YOSEMITE 10.10.4 and i can't see any serial ports under the "tools->port" menu, all i see are bluetooth ports. Does anyone have any idea?

Are there any news about it? A have two arduino mega, one uno r3, and digispark (with attiny85) and none of them work :( (no, my boards are not ch340, they use mega16u2 chips for usb)

I had problems until I inserted a usb hub between my iMac (el Capitan) and my original ardunino Uno and now it's working.

Each time I tried to upload a sketch, cpu goes to 100% and I was not able to open serial monitor

Now, with the usb hub, I can open the serial monitor, compile and upload sketches without troubles.

On the Mac console windows , the only difference is I don't see anymore the following message : AppleUSBHostPort::resetGated: retrying enumeration in 100 ms

I hope this will help someone

Wasted a bunch of time like everyone else here. The arduino uno worked fine, but the arduino nano from sunfounder - probably others too, didn't. Serial driver was not recognized by arduino dev app.

Tried the crsutil work around and that didn't work for me. Found some references about buying a driver from https://www.mac-usb-serial.com/dashboard/ for $7 and that worked for me.

Macbook OSX with El - Capitan. I hope this helps save time for others

For anybody having the same problem with El Capitan and using some Chinese rip off model, I recommend downloading this driver http://kig.re/2014/12/31/how-to-use-arduino-nano-mini-pro-with-CH340G-on-mac-osx-yosemite.html

It state yosemite, but it worked for my El Capitan system.

I've been having another similar issue. My IDE detects my MEGA 2560 but i can't program it because it is always powering on and off, I don't know why. I can program this arduino from my new macbook pro with USB3.0 but not from my old macbook pro USB2.0. I could program it some month before.

Anyone have been experimenting this?

Sounds like a MAC problem, or perhaps connections in the cable getting flaky.

Using El Capitan 10.11 I could not connect to Ardunio UNO -- The Arduino IDE (v1.7.9) would compile my code then hang on communication with the board. At the same time a kernel task would spin out of control hanging machine so it appeared to be some problem with the serial driver.

Tonight I put together some of the ideas in this thread (with some other things on the web) and got my Arduino working again on El Capitan. Here's what I did:

  • Disable SIP using csrutil as discussed above (and elsewhere) so I could disable Apples FTDI driver
  • Disable Apple's FTDI serial driver following instruction in Section 7 of the FTDI Chip driver installation guide located here.
  • Install the OSX 64-bit FTDI serial driver (version 2.3) from FTDI chip website here To disable the Apple FTDI serial driver do the following:

cd /System/Library/Extensions/IOUSBFamily.kext/Contents/Plugins sudo mv AppleUSBFTDI.kext AppleUSBFTDI.disabled sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions


  • If you haven't disabled SIP the mv command above will fail
  • This worked fine on my OS X 10.10.5 system, but on my newer 10.11 system I found AppleUSBFTDI.kext in /System/Library/Extensions/ rather than in IOUSBFamily.kext
  • If you are the paranoid type go back in and re-enable SIP... I don't think I will :o

After replacing the FTDI driver I saw the serial /dev/tty.usbmodem1D11 appear when I plugged my Uno board into the USB port .

On my OSX 10.11 system I still had trouble with serial communication hanging until I added a cheap Belkin 3 to 1 USB adaptor (thanks for the idea PhilippeFromGpe ) that I had lying around.

With the board plugged into this external USB adaptor I noticed that serial port switched to /dev/tty.usbmodemFD141 and after selecting that port in the Ardunio IDE communication worked fine again and I can resume Arduino development on my El Capitan system. :) [/list][/list]