Why do I....

…have acres of empty space underneath my posts? Look at it - There is a large empty space taking up unnecessary room!! Other peoples posts don’t do that so why do mine?! :frowning:

Could this…


…be the reason?

  • Brian

Let me test

Lefty…last line

Here is a post without the avatar…

Still acres of white space!

Test… Lot’s of space?


Your replies do have a bit more blank space than mine but both are very sparse.

I bet it leaves room for an avatar,
but if your message takes up enough
lines that the room is left there
“naturally”, then you’ll have less
blank space left at the bottom
of your message. This post will
test this theory. I hope.


It looks like “Go! Go! Arduinoooo!!!” also adds to the whitespace but not this part…

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  • Brian