WHY does IDE 1.8.x Want incoming connections?

I upgraded to the latest and now it wants to become a server? Is it bored with just being an software tool and needs to surf the www? What's the deal?

-jim lee

I got such a message on my MacBook. It said that the IDE wanted to configure the firewall to allow incoming connections. I said NO.

The incoming connections are so that it can check the libs and boards are up to date.

I dont see anything nefarious about that myself.
But I guess if you want to stick to a particular lib or board defs then telling it would work just as well as turning off the "Check for updates on startup" in the preferences.

That would be OUT-going connections wouldn't it?

I said no as well, and it keeps asking. Annoying!

-jim lee

Incoming for the download of new items as it would simply request the info and confirm it with you prior to download.

But not having MAC (spit) I cannot comment on why it actually says "server"
Windows simply asked for firewall permissions and the only thing actually stating Arduino is the CREATE BRIDGE for the online IDE here.

Because I answered ‘No’ I got this entry under System Preferences / Security & Privacy / Firewall / Firewall Options…


On windows its listed in the firewall as a "Java(TM) Platform SE binary" for Arduino 1.8.0

Like that yours actually says what its for rather than having to dig it out.

My laptop at home never said anything and I found last night that everything was blocked. So I looked in my shop computer this AM and found a few things thinking they'd like to invite connections in. I canned the lot.

We'll see how that works.

Arduino must at some point register itself so whomever goes and looks can find it. Seeing how many are running on personal networks it must register each time its fired up. I guess it lets the server decide when it wants to do upgrades and connect back when its ready.

Guess guess guess..

-jim lee