Why does the Arduino restart automatically when it is powered on?

This may be a derp question, but why is my Arduino UNO restarting when I turn it on? It doesn't always restart upon powering up. For a while, it would instantly start the program when it received power.That was VERY preferable because I had it hooked up to a clap detector circuit. This instant response time spoiled me. ^_^ Now when it receives power, there is a delay between the time I clap my hands and when the arduino starts the program (the Arduino's restart time).

Does anyone know of a way to get the Arduino to start the program immediately upon powering up?

Thank you for your time :open_mouth:


Sure, download your sketch with no Bootloader. You'll need an AVR ISP to do it.

In the IDE, select: "File: Upload Using Programmer"

Ok! thanks for the information!