Why does the Mini boot slower than the normal 168?

Hi guys,

I’ve been developing for quite a while on a Diecmilla with stock 168… now that I’ve got a solid platform for a project I want to make… I’ve decided to transfer everything to the Mini…

It’s all working great, but the only obvious difference I’ve noticed is that when first powering on, the Mini takes far longer to bootload and run it’s program. Once it’s running it’s business as usual

Anyone any ideas on why (different bootstrap code?) and how I can speed up the Mini boot time? It is quite slow…


I believe that is to give you time to hit the reset button.

Since it uses the same ATMEGA168 chip and 16Mhz, just reflash the chip with newest bootloader and you should notice a quicker boot time.

If you don't have one already, I find this one indispensable: http://www.hvwtech.com/products_view.asp?ProductID=651