Why doesn't this library work with Arduino v17 ?

Here it is: http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Code/ShiftRegister595

It used to work with v16 but it seems to just halt the code after trying to use it in v17. Is there anyway I can fix it?

What do you mean by “halt the code”?

There is an error in the example sketch in the download, shiftRegister595.write(i); // ,replace i with j should be: shiftRegister595.write(j);

But that would be an issue in either version.

Yes I have changed the "i" to a "j" already and it still doesn't work. And by halt the code, I mean that the arduino doesn't seem to execute any code after the "shiftRegister595.write()" part.

I had a quick look and its executing the code but only the latch pin is toggled, the data and clock pins do not seem to change.

Perhaps send a PM to [u]the author[/u]:


I’ve fixed the stupid bug in the example, and I will test (and hopefully fix) the library with/for 0017 as soon as I get a chance. :slight_smile: