Why I am getting this Error ?

Why I am getting this Error ?

Why did you post a screen shot rather than copy/pasting the full error messages here ? As it is we cannot see the whole error messages so are in the dark.

The error message is at the bottom. See the brown Status bar in the image. I am using brand new Genuine Arduino Zero Pro.

I for one would rather see all of the errors. See the "Copy error messages" button ? Why not use it and post the full error messages here ?

As a matter of interest what is on line 454 of the embedded.startup.tcl file ?

Have a look at https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=337448.0 Which version of the IDE are you using and where did you download it from ?

The error message seems perfectly obvious to me. What part of "that port is not defined on your computer" don't you understand?

The zero pro is part of Arduino.org and it looks like a discontinued product.

Hopefully you didn't waste your money.


Thank you. The problem solved. I used latest Arduino Studio and it programmed Arduino Zero Pro.