Why is arduino down!

If Arduino doesn't get its stuff back together I won't be able to complete my school work. Please fix this ASAP. At least before 10:30. :angry: :angry: :angry:



lol I thought my wifi was going bazerk...checked several ports and other computers...at least I'm not the only one. Guess that's what we get for relying on the cloud

Same I know its the last week of my school year I the need the Arduino to complete last assignment

Do you guys have the code locally? If so you could download the Arduino IDE and finish your assignments.

Same issue. I was running a working with lots of students online. Many of them needed the online editor to use on their Chromebooks. Frustrated and disappointed that this was their first experience with Arduinos. I hope everything is up and working in time for part 2 of my workshop tomorrow. If not, not sure what I'll do.

Well at least it's not just me.... would love to get my projects finished tonight guess we will see

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