Why is it that everytime am using my esp32 i need to press the enable button?


Am working on a project using ESP32, everything is working as planned - Connecting to WIFI, as well sending data to a database. But each time I want to switch on my device, I need to press the EN button on the ESP32. Now I would like to put my circuit inside a casing. How can I deal with this issue of pressing the EN button considering that the ESP32 CHIP will be inside the casing??

I have 9 ESP32's running, I don't have to press the button to code them or make code run.

I use HiLetGo ESP32 developer boards. I connect them to my computer through a powered hub. When I put the ESP32's in a case, and plug in power they begin operating as programmed.

What ESP32's are you using that you have to press a button after power up to get them to run code?


take a look here https://randomnerdtutorials.com/solved-failed-to-connect-to-esp32-timed-out-waiting-for-packet-header/

Thank you for the reply. Am using ESP32 DEVKITV1.

Thank you @Rentner

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