Why is the Uno of Make:Special Edition different


I have two Arduino Unos and the one that has Make: Special Edition printed on is different. Instead of a regular ATmega328, there's a tiny chip on the same location of the board. What is this chip? What is the difference?

Thank you very much!

That is an ATmega328P in a smaller physical package.

That is an ATmega chip the heart of the Arduino. Silly.

It is special because of the silk screen. Other than that, it is just a Arduino UNO SMD

I read that on the Make edition you have to be careful, since the chip (where an ATMega would usually be) is soldered to the board.
I wanted to purchase one, but since I've just started I don't want to risk burning out anything, and not being able to replace something like the chip.

Yeah, the SMD edition isn't so great. I have burned out my 328P once and removed it to try it in breadboards countless times.

Of course MAKE sells the board with the SMD chip.
The name is MAKE, not FIX. But IMO, BUY should be in there somewhere.

@GoForSmoke, great post!

It's not a dead end, unless you burn a pin and can't replace SMD (I can't).

Use it to program AVR's on (bread)boards with software provided at the link below being extra nice.
Try new things out on home rolled duinos. At 10 or more qty, 328P-PU (DIP) gets pretty cheap.

Everything you need to make a 328P or 1284P Duino.

I found this to try out with ATmega1284P chips.

It's made for ATmega16 which are pin for pin with ATmega1284 but RAM, etc, as an ATmega168.

I keep looking for a 328P version but so far the 28 pin ZIF dev boards are all PIC/8051.