Why is there no unmount button ?

Normally a USB device will have an unmount button. But when I connect the Arduiono UNO, there is no unmount button. This seems to give some trouble, because COM ports are not released when one board is unplugged and the next is plugged in. (We have multiple for class). Wouldn't it be a good idea to have a button that releases the board in a controlled way ?

Also I wonder why old-fashioned USB 2.0 ports should be used, when almost all new laptops have USB 3.0....

Do you see an unmount button for your mouse or keyboard? There is no need to unmount. You can just unplug your Unos in perfect safety without fear of it causing any problems. Adding an extra step to unmount the Uno would only make things more complicated for your students without providing any benefits.

The Uno was designed long before the existence of the USB C connector. The type B connector it uses is the most robust, which is a very valuable characteristic when used in education.

Arduino's latest board, the Portenta H7, uses a USB C connector.

In the grand scheme of things USB 3.x is still quite new and not always implemented in the best possible way in the chipset of computers etc.

USB 1.0 / 2.0 are exceptionally well established and run well with almost all Arduinos.
On occasion using USB 2.0 can fix some compatibility issues which is where the recommendation stems from.

In the case where USB 2.0 is not available then even a powered USB 2.0 HUB can overcome some USB 3.x issues as it acts like a form of reducing valve to limit the speeds and current to some degree.

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