Why is USB powering servos

Hello. I'm new to this forum and arduino.

Let me explain my problem:
Usb is driving servos even when external power supply
is not connected.

This is my setup:
Arduino nano is powered with 2s Li-po battery (+ to VIN, - to GND.
HV Servos are powered with the same battery. Servo signals are connected to digital pins on Arduino.
(+ on servos and VIN are all connected to + on battery and all grounds connected together)

It seems like there is 5v out on VIN when only USB is connected and this is what's driving my servos.

Do I have my servos and/or Arduino wired corectly?

Need a real schematics to be able to diagnose.
Even a hand drawn one would suffice.

Here is the sketch of how I connected it

Sorry. Picture was not uploaded because of its size.