Why must I change board, when it worked before?

I've been running some test codes through a cloner micro over the past two days and every so often the IDE will not recognize the board as an ARDUINO MICRO and the only way I can continue to upload is to change the board designation to an ARDUINO LEONARDO. I will intermittently have to change between the two to make things work.

Not a big deal to change but just wondering if anyone here knows what the heck is going on here and why the system is intermittently making me change the board designation on a board that the existing designation worked on not even three minutes ago????

Please provide a detailed description of how you do this.

Did you read my post??? I do change it to ARDUINO LEONARDO every so often when it wont accept ARDUINO MICRO anymore and vice versa. It makes me change it every so often. TOOLS > BOARD

Yes, I did read your post. "change the board designation" could mean several different things. I could have attempted to guess what you meant by that, but I could have guessed wrong and thus caused a lot of confusion and wasted time for both of us.