Why my Mg995 Servo Jerking or rendomly making moves?

Hello guys actually I'm facing some trouble
Mine mg995 servo -
Operating voltage - 5-6v

Im using 5v powersupply

You can find problem here - - YouTube

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The servo power supply can't supply enough current.

For the MG995, the power supply must be capable of providing 1.2 Amperes times the number of servos. A 4xAA battery pack will work for 1 or 2 servos, if the batteries are fresh. Be sure to connect the grounds.

The 5V output of the Arduino cannot power even one servo safely.

Thankyou sir for reply
I'm Using DC 5V 2A power supply
& u can see in video i'm not powering directly through arduino I'mpowering it through a power supply of 5v 2a

There is no connection between 5V supply -ve and Arduino GND.


Please read this discussion:


@slipstick Sir
Still mine servo is jerking, I have connected arduino gnd to power supply negeative

Please help me how can i get rid of this problem..

I don't no what wrong I'm doing?
I have checked my power supply its working fine may be, In multimeter it shows constant 5.3v reading.
Please help me I'm making project where I need to control 3 MG995 together.

I need to control 3 MG995 together.

You will need a power supply that can provide at least 5 Amperes.

Make sure that all the grounds are connected. Use your multimeter to check continuity of connections.

Yes for 3 servo I need more current but right now I'm unable to control even one servo(mg995)....
You can see the image I shared in google drive for what I'm doing in schematics..
I'm using 5v 2amp for powering single mg995...
I used same rated supply of different brands to check whether my power adapter is faulty or not but getting same problem "servo is jerking" .

Please give me some suggestion :frowning:

Try a different servo. If that doesn't work show us your code.


Thanks for the reply
I got the solution-

I used 7805 voltage regulator and some caps to smooth out signal from power supply and used this circuit with arduino now servo is working fine.

You can view in attached image and let me know

Lose the 7805, its only rated for 1A and will lose some voltage.

The 470uF cap seems to be doing the job of covering the current peaks, or perhaps the drop
in voltage from the 7805 is reducing the peak current demand enough.

High torque servos need a lot of current, it seems everyone underestimates the current draw
of servos - they are motors, they need lots of current (even the wimpiest hobby servo needs
about 1A). Your 2A supply is probably not able to cover the peaks (either because they are
more than 2A, or you supply is cheap rubbish, or the supply has a limited rate of change of
output current and is briefly cutting out on each peak.

I'd strongly suggest using a standard RC battery pack designed for servos to power servos,
as these are able to source lots of current being LiPo or LiFePO4. This is what servos are
designed to use.

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