Why my motors don't move?

I have robot platform from 4WD. I installed the motors on the platform and soldered the wires to the motors like some guy on YouTube, because the manufacturer didn’t match where’d + and -. Someway the motora don’t work when I connect them to a 4 batteries each 1,5V. Why? BTW I have Romeo V2.2 board and can’t find code to engines too. BTW i have Romeo V2 board and i also can’t find a code to work with my motors. Thanks for help.

Motors don't move because: batteries dead, Wires broken, rotor is locked so can't turn, motor full of sand. Who knows. what have you tested and measured? What voltage do the motors need?


The battery-holder is damaged by the look of it...

You appear to be using a mixture of batteries so suspect the problem lies there.