Why my NRF24L01 PA LNA modules never work

Hi all,

NRF-PA-LNA is such a popular module, and I'm now using it in my project. I bought a pair of small modules (with printed antenna) and a pair of modules with PA & LNA. However, while the small modules work perfectly with my program, the ones w/ PA LNA don't.

I've tried every possible solution I found on this forum, which includes

power the NRF-PA-LNA with 2 AA batteries;
connect a 10-uF capacitor between VCC and GND;
set power level to MAX or MIN; set the two modules far apart with no obstacle between;
demount the SMA antenna...

But none of them works out the problem.

I wonder if I've tried everything I could do. If so, I wonder if it's just becuase the modules were broken since the very beginning.

I also reviewed the user feedback for the Ebay seller, "nc-maker-shop", whom I bought the modules from. Buyer satisfaction was found to be 100%, which seems quite wierd. I wonder whether this seller offers reliable products, and if not, I'll be grateful if anyone could recommend a reliable seller.

Stay safe and healthy!

Have you had a look at the posts in the Networking, Protocols, and Devices section of the board.

This discussion has lots of example scenarios for using the nRF24L01 modules.

Post #29 might help you out just to check the basic connections and functionality of your boards.

Thanks for your message. Actually, I've solved the problem by using an adaptor board, which converts the 5V voltage, provided by the controller, to a stable 3.3V voltage signal with which the NRF PA LNA is powered. Looks like 2 Energizer AA batteries are not sufficient to power the module.

I guess that's because 2 batteries cannot offer enough voltage output due to internal resistance. In addition, when using the adaptor board, few current will be demanded from the 5V port due to conservation of power (the product of 5V and controller board output current equals to the product of 3.3V and the NRF's currnet absorption).