Why no UTFT parrallel output with DUE, Mega OK

I try to use UTFT to display TFT_320QVT with DUE without any luck.
It is a 8 bit parrallel module and with a scop I don’t see any signals om pin D22-D29.
When I use the same program on a Mega, there are signals on the parrallel pins.
As I read the documents, the DUE is sopported!

Can anyone help?

As far as I know the 3.3V QVT has an 8080-16 parallel interface with a 40-pin header.
You plug the 40-pin into an Adapter Shield for Mega which routes to D22-D37 via level shifters.
There is a similar Adapter for Due which routes to different digital pins and does not need level shifters.

You define an appropriate Macro to select the brand of Adapter.

As always, post links to your display, adapter and post a photo of your actual wiring.

Then you will get an accurate answer.


I do'nt use any shield, I use wire to the TFT and a scope to look at the output.
I now trye with a 8-bit interface to another TFT, and I can see, that the output come on digital pin 44 to 51, the WR-pulse is on pin 39.
In the "UTFT Requirements" it is shown to pin 22 to 29, but only for the Mega. No picture for the wiring for DUE.

I may use the scope to find the connection.

Thank you for your helping.