Why no Window menu on MacOS?

Most Mac applications have a "Window" menu to easily find an open window. I often have several files open and finding the one I want would be much easier with this standard Mac feature.

Thanks for listening.

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I agree, this belongs on every Mac app!

Also on the topic of window management, closing the app’s window shouldn’t quit the app. I frequently close an app’s window before opening a new window. Document-based apps don’t quit when a window is closed on the Mac.

Hi all. Thanks for your valuable feedback about the beta Arduino IDE 2.x!
You are welcome to submit a feature request for this to the developers here:

When submitting a formal bug report or feature request on the GitHub issue tracker, you should always do a search for existing issues to make sure one hasn’t already been submitted. However, I just did a search and didn’t find any existing issues about this, so you can skip that step this time if you like.