Why only pin 8 shows correct analogRead from thermistor?

I am trying to analogRead thermistor output.
All pins 2-13 are set for INPUT. Additionally, A0 reads thermistor output.
Only pin 8 shows correct value matching A0.
All other pins show random (?) #s.
What is so special about pin 8 and why other pins does not show correct #s?
Thank you
Here are measurements:
PIN analogRead digitalRead
A0 207 (correct) N/A
2 0 0
~3 130 0
4 324 0
~5 268 0
~6 344 0
7 354 0
8 207 (correct) 0
~9 0 0
~10 0 0
~11 91 0
12 223 0
13 228 40

You can't do an analogRead() on digital pins.

analogRead(0) means the same as analogRead(A0) which means the same as analogRead(14) on the UNO.
analogRead(1) means the same as analogRead(A1) which means the same as analogRead(15) on the UNO.
analogRead(2) means the same as analogRead(A2) which means the same as analogRead(16) on the UNO.
analogRead(3) means the same as analogRead(A3) which means the same as analogRead(17) on the UNO.
analogRead(4) means the same as analogRead(A4) which means the same as analogRead(18) on the UNO.
analogRead(5) means the same as analogRead(A5) which means the same as analogRead(19) on the UNO.

Some models have A6 and A7 pins.

My best guess is that analogRead(8) is being interpreted as analogRead(0) which would give the symptoms you see.

Thank you for your response. I have UNO.
It looks like you are right: analogRead() reads only A0-A5.
Here is my test results:
analogRead(*) returns the same values for group of pins where pin#s are:
A0, 0, 8, 14
A1, 1, 9, 15
A2, 2, 10, 16
A3, 3, 11, 17
A4, 4, 12, 18
A5, 5, 13, 19
meaning, for example, that A0, 0, 8, 14 are the same
analogRead(6) and analogRead(7) returns unknown value

One of them is an internal "thermometer" which I used for random seed long ago (it was not as random as random should be. But at least it took no pin.

check this thread - Random Function based upon internal temp sensor - Development - Arduino Forum -