Why should i use a BlinkM instead of a RGB LED?

I’m going to make a Moodlight controlled by a Potmeter, like the philips Ambilight, so its really simple, but i dont see why i should spend 12 bucks on a BlinkM? So can somebody tell me the differences between a BlinkM and a RGB led?


It is very simple:

RGB LED: you need to create the sketch to control it, create effects, dimming. you do this using PWM. You do all the hard work.

blinkM: you just tell blinkM what effects you like, transitions, fading, mixing, etc and all the LED effects are done by blinkM. It has an AVR microcontroller.

With blinkM is like outsourcing all the RGB LED operations to a specialized entity, by contrast, using a simple RGB LED means doing all the work by yourself.

For this application the answer to your question / thread title would be: “You should not.”

BlinkM description: http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8579

thanks, and for the cheap-ass i am, i’ll go for the RGB led :slight_smile:

Is it possible to make a blinkM yurself?

It is possible to make something BlinkM like. But I do not believe there are any BlinkM DIY kits or something in the likes of such.

It may also cost you more (in parts and labour)…

But I do not believe there are any BlinkM DIY kits or something in the likes of such.

I haven’t used a BlinkM, I prefer to do it myself in code, especially with the easy access to hardware PWM and timer interrupts on the Arduino.

But since you mention it, I’m really surprised nobody who’s familiar with the BlinkM has written a library for Arduino.

I used a blinkM for a night light for my son. I use standard RGBs for my own play. The blinkM is is an ATTiny45. It is programed and run via I2C analog pins 4 & 5. I like it because if he gets board of the color sequence, I just plop it down (technical term) on the Arduino, open the programer software and upload the new colors. It is then a stand alone unit. All it needs is about 4.5v and it is good to go.

This would take quite a bit longer if hand programmed. I had to get one because there is sort of a cool factor to it. It is just so teency weency small. Just my $.02.

I dont think the total parts and labour would cost more than a regular BlinkM. i got most parts around, and in the reply where i asked this i look noobisch, but had ltlle time to give a full question before i had to go.

If you already have an RGB LED and an ATTiny45, check out this code project: http://code.google.com/p/codalyze/wiki/CyzRgb

i think im going to buy a perfboard to make a diy blinkm, but can i use just every RGB led, or has it got to be an Flux-RGB? (square one)

I don’t think the shape of the LED makes an electrical difference.

I have a 1-watt per colour RGB LED from seeedstudio. I’ve played with it a little and it’s stunning. I’m just trying to come up with a good project for it.

As far as blinkM levels of brightness, I have bags of 5mm RGB LEDs. They range in price from 40 to 60 cents, which makes $12 for a blinkM seem very excessive for anything that already has a microcontroller available.

I built something I guess you could call a super blinkM, it’s a shield with 8 RGB LEDs under user control:

I got a blinkM for a project where I wanted to program a color sequence and just have it run without an arduino connected, just a battery.

If you have a controller available, there doesn’t seem to be a need for an additional controller in there. Unless, I suppose, you were using a ton of them on an I2C bus and controlling them dynamically. But with the cost, I’d think a shiftbrite would make more sense.