Why some sensors won't power up and do its job?

Good day to you. Thanks in advance for your great help!

HC-SR04: VCC -> 5 V; GND -> GND; Trig -> 2; Echo -> A0;

HC-SR04: VCC -> 5 V; GND -> GND; Trig -> 4; Echo -> A1;

Max30100: VCC -> 5 V; GND -> GND; int -> 12; SCL -> A5;
SDA -> A4;

I2C LCD (16x2): VCC -> 5 V; GND -> GND; SCL -> SCL;

L298N Driver Module: +12V -> positive terminal of 3 pcs
18650 battery (3000mA);
GND -> Arduino GND and negative
terminal in battery
ENA -> 10; ENB -> 11;
IN1 -> 5; IN2 -> 6; IN3 -> 7; IN4 -> 8;
NOTE: There are 2 small DC motors connected)

I connected my power supply to the AC/DC adaptor (Output: DC 9V; 1A) to the barrel jack which draw an output of 5V.

Sadly, ALL the components didn't work at all. Can anyone give me a suggestions to this one?


Did it work when powered from USB?
If yes, I suspect that you're overloading the onboard regulator that converts 9V to 5V in which case it's advisable to power all your devices from an independent 5V power supply.

Try one component at a time and test it to be sure it works separately.

Please refer to the MAX30101 or MAX30102 for use in your design.

The MAX30100 operates from 1.8V and 3.3V power supplies and can be powered down through software with negligible standby current, permitting the power supply to remain connected at all times."

Perhaps you destroyed it by connecting it to +5V?

Dear sterretje,

Yes. I tried to power it using usb from a laptop. Yet, it didn't work out. I tried an adapter to think that it draws more current in the same voltage of 5V. BUT, it didn't work out.

Dear johnwasser,

I tried to connect alone the max30100 to +5V power supply and works perfectly fine. Connect it to the lcd and works perfectly fine.

When I add the sensors (HC-SR04s) and L298N , it didn't work out. I tried to use Serial monitor to debug, but there's no data from hc-sr04 sensors to read.

The LCD should somehow power up, because in void setup, I type lcd.init();

I'm not sure what your doing, but i had a similiar problem. turns out you have to connect the arduino ground to the power supply ground, and viola!

Dear cult_cages,

I don't know how to connect the arduino GND to the power supply because I am using a usb cord to power the arduino.

use the ground pin genius

use the ground pin genius

Not necessary :frowning: