Why won't my arduino power my motor?

Hello, this is my first post. And I am a complete noob in all things Arduino and electronics in general. I'll thank everyone in advance for reading as well as all the amazing information I am sure to receive. Thanks.

I have an Arduino Decimilla that I am attempting to use as the logic for a twin motor gearbox made by Tamiya which uses 2 FA-130 motors.

For some odd reason, the digital output pins from the Arduino won't run the motors. The motors will run from the 5v output of the Arduino. My multimeter reads approx 5v for both the 5v pin and the digital output pin, so it seems like the voltage is the same for both pins. I'm at a loss.

Is it possible that there is a different current for the digital output pins and the 5v pin? Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

Thanks again for reading. And assistance is welcomed.

Hi cmdowns, welcome to the Arduino.

The Arduino outputs do not have enough current to drive those motors. There are a number of solutions that will work for you, have a search for: arduino h-bridge

Thanks for the quick response. I thought that might be the problem. Unfortunately, my mulitimeter is a cheap Radio Shack version which isn't sensitive enough to read the current for the Arduino pins (digital output or 5v). Just for a little more info, can anyone tell me the current that is put out through the Arduino pins?

something like 40ma, your motors will be drawing much more than that!

If you don't need speed control, you could use a transistor to drive each of the motors. You should be able to find info on driving relays in the playground that would work for your motors.

Be warned - those motors can draw 2 amps each. I use a Solarbotics kit pcb with a L298 to control mine (two of my bots use this gearbox/motor setup).

You can also use the Arduino motor shield or Adafruit motor shield