Wi-Fi shield help

Hello everyone so i got this school project and i have to integrate a wireless communication. and i am really new at programming since my major is about power system, so i've seen this wifi shield but i am really confuse on how does it connect to my laptop/mobile phone/pc. does it act like a router and i have to configure my laptop to connect to the wifi shield? do i have to connect this wifi shield to a router and then it will connect to the internet and i can monitor what is happening on my arduino board? do i have to create a GUI application so that it will communicate with my pc.

Please elaborate this thing to me. thank you :)

What wifi shield? Link please?

aarg: What wifi shield? Link please?

https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoWiFiShield here is the link.

Specifically what type of wireless communication system is required? I have an arduino with an ethernet shield runing web server code, connected to my netgear 614 wireless router. My netpad wirelessly connects to the 614, so I have a wireless connection between my netpad and the arduino.