Wich Mosfet

Hello I have a group of leds. The total current is 800 mA. The Total votage is 5V Wich Mofset i must use to drive(on/off) my group of led with a Arduino nano ? (In fact i have 8 groups of lead and i want to pilot each group with a Mosfet) Thanks Ben

All I can guess from your description is that you need a logic level mosfet to drive these from an Arduino (if it has to be a mosfet, that is).
Use the data sheet and an on line led calculator to determine the power supply requirements, how you wire them, maybe some in series, maybe some groups in parallel, what current limiting resitors etc. Choose whether these are to be wired high side or low side, then you are in better able to select appropriate driver transistors.

Most logic level MOSFETs will do. Are you spatially or financially (like, every cent is too much, because you want to make 100000 units) restricted?

If not, I like the IRF3708 as an allrounder that can even switch multiple amps from 3.3V. Of course in your case, you do not need a big TO220 case, but if it doesn't matter ...

Hi thanks it seems to go on a good way. Sorry for my poor English No I am not financially restricted ( him) cause I just want 8 pieces of this component Each mosfet will switch on and off a strap of leds ( which are already mounted I have no choice) I have measured that each strap will consume 800 mA) Each strap works on 5 V I have bought a transformer who gives 5 V and able to give 5A This transformer will alim my eight straps with their mosfet who will be driven by an arduino Nano Is your component ok for this and will it heat ? I am making a lamp Thanks

The resistance of the MOSFET will be less than 20mOhm. Calculate the power dissipation yourself. You can switch much higher currents without it heating up.

What could be the best composant ( transistor or mosfset ) should you use ? What reference ?

There is no "best", requirements differ.

benmagnol: Thanks What could be the best composant ( transistor or mosfset ) should you use ? What reference ? Thanks

MOSFET is a transistor. There is no "best". I suggested one that is larger and more expensive than your application requires, but if you have the room and don't care for a few cent, you can buy a pack of ten at a discount and will have something at hand that will also serve you if you want to switch 5A with a 3.3V Wemos D1 Mini in the future. For a lot of hobby applications that is an important factor. If you care more for price or size, something else it better.

Gréât thanks for this very clear answer