Wich sensor to be used ?

Hello everyone,

I have a project to realise and I'd like to have your ideas about. Having to points A and B so far away to each other (For example a building A and a building B distant to each other for 2000 m). The purpose of the project is to look for any object that touch a specific space limited by a volume between A and B.

  1. We use for this project a UAV in a fixed position above point A or B.
  2. We have to realise a mechanism, attatched to the UAV, to mount a sensor to be used for the scan.

My questions are :

  1. Which sensor should I use for a minimum of budget and that still gives accurate information in a high slant range (1000 m to 2000 m).
  2. Which Arduino card most suitable for my project.

Thanks so much.

Considering the distance involved, I can only think of laser range finders. They go as cheap is below USD 100 a piece. Check specs on whether you can interface them with Arduinos, and if they have the required accuracy.

That is excluding a sweep mechanism. Some may have that built in.

For Arduino, probably the Pro Micro for it's small size/weight.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
That is what I am thinking about, a laser rangefinder. But knowing the price of such a long range, one should exclude that type of sensor.
Please help me what to choose, if there is a suitable sensor let me know. Or if there is an other technique used to acheive the goal of my project.

Hope you realise you're trying to sense a HUGE area so your options for sensors are very limited and you won't be able to do this on a dime. Also if USD 100 is too much for the sensor, you won't have the budget to buy a reasonably performing UAV to lift any such sensors... Your platform is paramount, you can only measure the location of an distant object accurately if you know accurately where you are in space (and no, GPS is not what I would call accurate in this kind of applications).

Thanks so much,
Do you know any other technology and easier, that I could use to solve my problem ?