Wide broadcast from a NRF24L01

I want to know what the feasibility is of making a wide broadcast on a NRF24L01. Specifically, I want to transmit to maybe 20 NRF24L01s at the same time. Cross communication isn't needed in this application. I want to broadcast like a esp8266 or esp32 (without the battery drain). I just want one transmiter and like 20 receivers. Even if I have to manually address each one.

Is this possible? Has anyone tried it? How well did it work?

yes that should be possible, i don't have 20 receivers, only 4 or 5 all receiving the same signal no problem.

All you need to do (if you are using rf24) is disable auto acc on receivers and transmitters


and set all the receivers to listen to the same address as the transmitter uses.

and maybe send the message a few times just to make sure that all pick up the message.

Best of luck!