Wide spectrum LED encoder to reveal hidden objects


Two years ago I had an encounter which is almost beyond explanation. I am seeking to build an LED light source which is flash frequency tunable. The flash should be oscilating tuneable as well. The LED spectrum will the the infrared and ultraviolet. The exact freq range I am still working out. It will be hardware dependent and not so much the focus of my inquiry.

I am seeking help to program an arduino in order to achieve the desired results. I have experience with the atmel ATtiny13 and high power LED technologies. Although the ATtiny13 may very well handle the task, there is little room for uprades. I think the code can pretty much be used for either the arduino or the attiny13.

None the less the code for oscillating between IR and UV is where I have little knowledge.

I am seeking help and or advice to devlop this light. The reason why? Please keep an open mind with me, but I have captured the best photographic evidence of the paranormal I have ever seen and absolutely know there is no editing done. I have been troubled by the experience for a while now. I have done a lot of research into the matter and have come to the firm belief I can reveal what may be hidden in the Aether by manipulating a light source in the ranges which I think can expose a crack in the system.

If you dont think I am completely crazy then check this out: A year and a half ago I was working with an electrical engineer I met in a forum dedicated to LED tech. He was building the hardware to perform the tasks to reveal this ripple or blip or crack I found. We had been communicating regularly up to the point where he finished the prototype that I was paying him to build. Something odd happened. The man went silent on me but to reappear a week later and with no explanation stated he could no longer work on the project. I couldnt even get him to repsond to pay him for the work he had done.

Perhaps something came up in his work or home life that ended our collaboration. To this day I am unable to find out but I suspect the light worked as planned and revealed something which freaked him out. Speculative at best I know but it deepened my curiousity.

I have reached out on several forums regarding this matter with lots of ridcule and skeptisism. I have managed some help along the way but most avoid subject matter of the paranormal and close out the topic. I am seeking help with this project and will share more information if someone is open minded enough and willing to witness something beyond explanation.

Do you have a schematic and a better description of the requirements? What wavelengths of IR and UV light are you wanting? When you say frequencies do you mean that the IR and/or UV light amplitude and/or frequency (wavelength) is able to be modulated ?

Each LED emits radiation only in a rather narrow band, defined by the manufacturing process. They aren't tunable, so to get IR and UV, you need IR and UV LEDs.

"White" is due to a mixture of wavelengths, often from a UV LED exciting fluorescent dyes.

LEDs can be turned on and off by a simple program, so that is how you would "oscillate".

Drop the electronics and develope Your own capacity to sense paranormal phenomena. Anybody being interested can do it. I' ve done it myself.

Yes I think we’ve spoken via the Ether

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