widescreen LCD/TFT w/ color, 5.25'' bay

I wanted to know if anyone knows of an LCD with color (preferably not OLED) that would have dimensions near 5.25'' x 1.62'' , the size of a computer's drive bay?

I've been looking everywhere, and the best I can find are ones that try to maximize resolution and therefore are not widescreen at all. The OLED modules almost approach the necessary dimensions for my project, but still too small.

For instance, the following products have exactly the LCD I want, but they do not disclose the model of LCD used, nor whom manufactured it, despite appearing to be OLED: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811992005 http://www.circotech.com/logisys-computer-fp708-full-color-5-25-drive-bay-fan-controller.html?gclid=CLOB2IPhnbYCFZGiPAod8SwAHA

And http://www.adafruit.com/products/797 looks great, but it's so small in width! I would need 2 and a half of them in tandem, which would be insanity for my first project.

The color quality in a TFT is so much better, commonly 18bit depth over a 16 channel interface, but the dimensions are all aimed at aspect ratio.

So is there a.) No such thing as a widescreen TFT im dimension of 5''w x 1.5''h ? and b.) No such online database of all LCD's ever made , such that I may search through it to find one of the above linked items? or c.) Any advice you may have for such a project?

The idea is to use the Arduino to control the display, and receive data via usb. I plan to interface with the PC sound equalizer to generate a colorized oscilloscope for music being played. But without the display I'm only dreaming...