Wiegand Proximity Card Readers

I'm wondering if anyone has tried interfacing the Arduino to a proximity card reader using it's wiegand interface? I'm looking to build an inexpensive access control system with Ethernet capability..

If anyone can provide some useful info that would be awesome! Thanks

I am assuming you have an RFID reader that has a Wiegand output. If so it is very easy to read. Simply monitor the two inputs to the arduino and add 0 or a 1 to the number you are building up depending on which one you see pulse.

You need to know how many Weagand bits you are expecting.
Another way would be use each Wiegand output to trigger a separate interrupt. Then let the interrupt service routine just append a zero or 1 and increment a “bytes received” variable. Then in the main loop when the correct number of bits are in do the parity checking and pass the number on to your Ethernet routines.

Anyone have code examples or done this before? Never used an Arduino before..

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In case anyone is interested in this thread I now have an example of using a Wiegand input with an arduino.