wifi 101 and scannetworks

My problem is that scan networks will work occasionally but may be overwhelmed by my situation. I have seen the talk of WPA vs WPA2 where WPA causes problems with connections. My problem is that in my subdivision virtually everyone has at least one router, Easily 15 at a time. I can change my own router from WPA to WPA2 but cannot alter routers belonging to others.

I am on a MKR1000 via Arduino IDE v 1.6.12 on windows 7 pro.

This problem easily recreated on my system by running the wifi101 scannetworks sketch by itself.

My question is, "Is this addressable on my end or is this a firmware issue? I am current to v 19.4.4. Is this a known issue?"

Thank you

I don't think its a known issue but I suppose you could add a little extra code to ignore some access points based on the signal strength.

I dont think it would also be too hard to ignore open or web types either.

That would give you some filters at least.

I could apply some filters as you describe but I cannot process these unless scannetworks() returns something to process. At present 'int numSsid = WiFi.scanNetworks();' just hangs indefinitely. I left it on overnight just to see if it would recover. I am going to play a little more....

One thing I will say is watch the frequency of serial output updates to a serial console ! Maybe you are running into something that I came across quite often on the MKR's

if you have delays try increase them or better still swap them for the millis functions (see blink without delay)

Thanks Ballscrewbob; I have ruled the serial port frequency issue out. (Until I find out I am wrong. lol)

Question: Are pins 11 and/or 12 reserved on the MKR1000 for wifi101 as they would be if we were using the wifi101 shield with a processor board? Should not be I would think/hope.. dy3

In all honesty I could not tell you...The schem would be your best bet unless anyone else in here knows ?

I had a lot of serial issues early on with my MKR's and ended up chasing my tail down a few blind paths. Narrowed it down to USBSER.SYS possibly from an Adafruit driver installation or an Arduino.org installation.

The problems seem a lot more stable since I did a bare metal recovery of the OS but I can still BSOD almost on demand with the WEB IDE's serial monitor.

OK; I am able to diagnose my problem with wifi101 in the MKR1000. There was a hint in another post.

If you run your prototype from the USB alone the wifi will behave. If you run it from on board power supply at 5.00v it will work properly.

Now; if you run the MKR1000 at 3.3 v from on proto board power it will not work properly. This can be reproduced at will so I am optimistic this is it.

I am currently running from 5.0 vdc on proto board power supply without a problem.

Thank you for your help. This issue set is closed from my POV.