Wifi and Adafruit CC3000 Shield


I'm not really an expert in network... I designed a weather station (Temperature, humidity, SpeedWind, pyranometer, rain sensor, luxmeter...) It's running correctly for now 6 months, with a storage within a SD-card. Everything is controlled by an RTC.

But now I would like to use a wifi communication to recover and read data when I want.

So, I would like to find some help in a first time, just to perform a file transfer from the SD-card, by wifi to my computer.

Arduino Mega 2560 + Adafruit Shield cc3000

Who is the expert? Is there an interest to use the aREST library? the features looks weak... I don't know if the REST API can be a solution...??

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Everything is controlled by an RTC.

I sure wish I could get the temperature controlled by an RTC.

Who is the expert?

Adafruit. Strangely enough, they even have a library and sample code.

Is there an interest to use the aREST library?

Not in the slightest.

I don't know if the REST API can be a solution...??

That would depend on what the problem is. Complete cluelessness? The REST API is not a solution.

About Adafruit, obviously they provide a lot of examples with their library, but nothing to work with the SD-card throughout the wifi... and this is really strange like you said, because the shield have a card slot...

I begin to discover and understand the logic... find the web, SSID, password, WPA... next DHCP provide an address to establish the connection with our explorer... BUT:

How download a file from the SD-Card's CC3000 shield?

About the RTC: I'm using the SQW from the DS1307 to control an internal interrupt to give rhythm for recording and calculs.

My needs...more clearly

I'm using an application on my iPhone: RTA. It's sound analysis app, and which create a local web server.

In summary: I can use an URL which provide a full access over record file, parameters...

This is the kind of behavior that I would like with my CC3000 shield to download my records files from my weather station

But I don't know where to start

If you want to upload files from SD, you will want to look up FTP, of which SurferTim is the expert: http://playground.arduino.cc/Code/FTP

I used one of his examples to FTP a picture taken and stored on SD. I didn't understand it all, but it worked.

I also have a weather station posting data. I would recommend using the GET method and post the data as part of a link.

This Instructable covers all the components needed http://www.instructables.com/id/PART-1-Send-Arduino-data-to-the-Web-PHP-MySQL-D3js/?ALLSTEPS