Wifi and NRF2401 on wemos D, Will it cause interference?

Hello all.
I am planning a small project, for fun and giggles, and want to use a D1 mini for wifi sniffing, and a NRF2401 to send data to other RF devices.
I know they both work on 2.4GHz. Will I be looking at interference between the two sigals? Anything that could hinder perfomance?

They both work on bands of the 2.4GHz range,
you can configure the NRF away from the band used by the router.

That does not sound like you are sending data via WiFi. So, the WiFi transmission sources are far away from your nRF2401. That should limit interference.

Thanks for the reply.
Sorry, I didn't explain myself correctly. This device won't be sniffing the wifi, it will actually be an AP, so it will be transmitting "outward". Don't know if that makes a differnce.

You mean as in choosing different channels??

So, your device will choose the WiFi channel it will use. You can use that information to choose a frequency for your nRF2401 that is far away from the frequency band used by your WiFi AP.

You can find the frequencies here:

The nRF2401 datasheets states the device supports frequency hopping. If you can make use of it, this will help because if one channel used by the nRF24 is disturbed by an active WiFi transmission, after the next hop the channel will be likely be free. This is used very successfully by BLE. It is lower power than WiFi and other applications in 2.4 GHz ISM band and still works reliably.

Thanks for the advice.