wifi ap mode

Greetings from the Sandwich Mass STEM Academy Board of Directors. I have a project approved for 10 8th graders and am thrilled.

the project reads watermeters using a 3 axis magnetometer. (I am a retired physic teacher and 37 year polaroid/firmware engineer)

the project uses the internet, broadcasts, graphs in real time (we wrote our own 30x per second MQTT server with gnuplot, real time output, very cool)

================ OUR NEED, I want to get off the evil intenet, I would like to work in station standalone mode. and conentrate the data on a pc, also off the internet.

================ Might someone have the simplests code fragment to set the arduino-esp8266 in solo mode such that I can start a webserver saying "Hello Sandwich Stem Academy" when we connect?

thank you very much, Bradshaw. I keep searching, but my searching seems faulty!


Hi. A confusing request!

Do you want the esp8266 to operate in ap mode? If so, can you explain why you want do do that? Its easy enough to do, but I'm not sure that's really what you want.

Or do you want the esp8266 to act as a web server? Again, easy to do, but I would think the sensor nodes would be better as stations/web clients.

What's the plan about how to use the esp, the pc and so on?


a raspberry pi might be in order. it sounds like you want your own network,
the rpi might be better suited.

Just use a regular WiFi router - which you don’t connect to the Internet. Easiest access point I can think of. The PC - presumably running a web server - could receive all the incoming requests from the ESPs, and there the data can also be processed later.

By the way you may want to have a look at the MySQL connector library, and install a MySQL database server, making storing data for later processing a lot easier. No need to go through the POST encoding/decoding steps.