WiFi AP solution with multiple TCP ports?

I'm hoping someone here might be able to give me a hint on a WiFi solution that I can integrate with a Arduino compatible solution. Specifically, I'd like a WiFi module which has the following features:

  1. Soft/Limited AP mode (just needs to allow 1 client to connect)
  2. DHCP Server
  3. Ability to simultaneously listen on multiple TCP ports for connections and multiplex between them

So far #3 seems to be the hard part. The Roving Networks RN-171 does the first two, but only supports listening on a single port. I've also been looking at the WizNet WizFi210/220, but the spec sheet is very vague about this and the code examples in their GitHub repo don't indicate there is any way to tell which TCP port/socket you are receiving data from. I looked at the TI CC3000, but it doesn't support AP mode.

For those of you curious, it's for this project here: GitHub - synfinatic/teensy-dsc: Teensy code & PCB design for digital setting circles

Any suggestions? Thanks!

After a lot more research I found the Bluegiga WF121. Looks really promising although a bit more difficult to use then I had hoped. I did a bunch of research and I haven't found any Arduino projects using it, an Arduino library or anything like that. Anyone here know anything about it?

Just checking to see if you ended up using the WF121. I'm looking at using it, but would like to avoid starting from scratch.