Wifi - Arduino MEGA 2560 and CC3000 - Does not see WiFi card


This is my first post, so please be kind :confused:

I am new to Arduino, working my way through various very simple projects.

I purchased this CC3000 WiFi card: http://tinkersphere.com/shields/484-arduino-wifi-shield-cc3000.html

Its a CC3000, but seems to vary in form than all that I can see connection set-ups for.

  • Has anyone else used this with the MEGA 2560? Does it require any soldered links or wired connections?

  • Does anyone have a simple Sketch to test the card?

I have ran various Sketches but all seem not to see the CC3000 Shield.

Big thanks for any help, N

Looks like it could be a functional clone of the "Adafruit HUZZAH CC3000 WiFi Shield with Onboard Antenna (PRODUCT ID: 1491)" without the prototyping area. See if the adafruit library and tutorial will work with it: https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-cc3000-wifi

Hi John,

I spent much of yesterday at the very same site (after a bit of nasty Googling).

Has anyone actually used this [WiFi Shield](http://tinkersphere.com/shields/484-arduino-wifi-shield-cc3000.html) with any luck with MEGA 2560?

I am new to this so all the help is greatly greatly appreciated.

Cheers, NB - Sunny Sydney, AU