WIFI Arduino Twitter Client

I am sharing an Arduino Twitter Client I wrote for the Dexter Industries WIFI shield. We just posted an updated tutorial here: (http://dexterindustries.com/manual/arduino-shields/arduino-wifi-shield/#twitterclient)

This example uses the library developed by Dexter Industries http://dexterindustries.com/files/DI_WIFI_LibraryPackage.rar

The code is attached below.

DI_WIFI_LibraryPackage.rar (854 KB)

is it possible to update the library to not use software serial and use Serial to communicate with the GS1011 and make SerialUSB as the debug port? I am using a arduino due I have it somewhat working but need some help. Here is a copy of my edits to code GitHub - brianbri6/GS1011MIP