Wifi bee with arduino

Hello everyone. I bought 2 Wifi bee for communicate between arduino UNO.Fisrt, arduino receives the analog data from sensor and send the data via serial port Rx,Tx.Then the second Wfi bee will receive the data. The problems about Wifi bee are AD-HOC mode.If I don't use the PC to connect Wifi server,how do i know when the other Wifi connected together? Thank you.

Do you really use WiFi Bees (http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/Wifi_Bee)?

Anyway, please provide links to your components as described in the first static topic in this forum.

Sorry.I doesn’t post the link of my component below.I use Wifi bee from http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/Wifi_Bee.I success to set configuration of fisrt WiFi bee to ’ Ad-Hoc’ mode (my computer can search it) . Then I try to set the second Wifi bee as client in Ad-hoc server.Howerver when i follow to this code below,it seem to generate the same Ad-hoc and does’t connect together. I try to comment some command such as ‘const prog_char ssidPROGMEM=…’ but the Wifi status(blue light) not appear.
Please suggest foe me what should I do ^^

WiServerTest.ino (1.41 KB)

I don't know if the used Microchip module supports the ad-hoc connection of two modules. I know that the SSID and channel number has to be identical to allow an ad-hoc connection. As far as I know there is no command on MRF24WB0MA to change the channel so it might be quite difficult to set up an ad-hoc WiFi network consisting of only WiFi Bees. Because Microchip does not release technical documentation for the module you probably won't be able to change that. Can you change to infrastructure mode?