WiFi Channel info


I’m not new but just sign up with a new user name…

I would like to use mkr 1000 to get channel info for all the SSID identified with WiFi.scanNetworks()

I see no recent topic but I could have lost some posts on the on the subject

Thx in advance for any reply


In the IDE there is an EXAMPLE sketch in the WiFi101 examples called SCAN NETWORKS.

That should get you going.


Yes used and it works!
I would like to know also the related WiFI channel (1 to 13 in 2.4 GHz) of any detected SSID.

It seems that the ATSAMW25 has this info but it’s not developed in the WiFi101 library.

I’m not so expert to modify the existing library so the question and the possible help.

Thx for any help :slight_smile:


ScanNetworksAdvanced has the channel

Thx ballscrewbob: the hint was useful to reload the example and have a detailed look on it :-)


LOL I was just going to suggest the other examples :)