WIFI Communication between two MKR 1010 Arduino boards

Hi all,

First of all i am a begginer in the arduino world so sorry if my question sounds silly.
I am starting my shortly my thesis and i would like to gather some ideas that can help me.

The Idea is to have 2 Arduinos:

  • The first Arduino is connected to a Sensor using spi reciving and sending sensor data.
  • The second Arduino is connected to a mini PC using SPI as well reciving and sending data.
  • Both WIFI-Moduls of the both arduinos should be connected to a local wifi network (using a
    router with no internet connection).

So the sensor data should be transfer from the sensor through SPI to WIFI in the first arduino and then be sent through wif (over the air) to the second arduino and then transfered to SPI and lastly transfer to the mini pc (SPI cables).

Could you please give me hints where should i start or give me shortly the steps?
I have found on the internet alot of applecations with the wifi webserver but as i mentioned i only have a wifi network without an internet connection.

Thank you in Advance.

You don't need Internet to make 2 Arduino talk to each other, once they can connect to WiFi they can talk t each other. If you are using MKR WIFI 1010 (and/or other modules of course) you don't even need the router, once Arduino can be the server and the other once a client posting data.

Specifically for the MKR WIFI 1010, you can use it's built-in BLE capabilities to send/receive data.

If you decide on WIFI, check out WiFiNINA library and look for WiFiClient() and WiFiServer() classes and examples.

Thanks for your answer.

The idea of the router is that later on I have to improve the commuication to 10 Arduinos (5 each side) and all of the 10 Arduinos should be connected to the same wifi and send data at the same time.

Few questions/issues to get you planing better:

  1. Assuming five Arduinos are connected to a PC and acts as servers (collect information), each for one client (sensor), what difference does it make if you use a router or not?

  2. How will the Clients connect to Servers over the router? You want to keep static IP addresses on all servers and have each client call it's own server? You can do that, or, have each Client connect to specific SSID.

  3. How would you keep your code the same on all boards? You can for example create a table storing MAC addresses of all 10 boards along with a local IP (for Clients and Servers) and a destination Server IP to connect to.

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