WiFi connection between Arduino Uno WiFi, NodeMCU and Blynk


I am trying to figure out how to connect the Arduino Uno WiFi (AUW) running server software and the NodeMCU module running client software. That way, once they are connected I can use the Blynk app to send commands to the NodeMCU which in turn will pass the command to the AUW and control it accordingly (ie: turn an LED on or off).

That in a nutshell is the game plan. In reality, I can get the NodeMCU and Blynk app to communicate but I can not get the NodeMCU to connect to the AUW board via WiFi.

I am just learning about WiFi but I think what I need to do is load a WiFi server sketch on the AUW and listen for incoming clients. Next, upload a client sketch which has the SSID and the IP address of the AUW board to the NodeMCU. Once connected I should be able to do a client.print("yada yada") from the NodeMCU to the AUW and see it appear on the WiFi Console. Am I even close here?? I get the feeling that this has to be a byte-by-byte string manipulation deal.

Are there any libraries for the AUW available that can help facilitate this? Or is this board still too new hence the "Dev" portion in the description.

thx, Scot

I don't know about the Arduino side; I do know that the NodeMCU can happily act as web server, web client, WiFi network host and WiFi client, and that all at the same time. Most of that is built in, and there are plenty of libraries that extend the functionality.
The NodeMCU also has a much more powerful processor with the ESP8266 (80 MHz, depending on the version up to 4 MB flash memory).
So maybe you should switch roles, and let the powerful one do most of the work.

Figures. Why didn't I think of that? Thank you for stating the obvious. I will try using the NodeMCU as the server and get back to the forum if I have any problems.


just a question: why you want use two boards? AUW can connect to Blynk or NodeMcu has IO pins, so one of them can do the job