Wifi Connection

Hello everyone, need some help here regarding the connection. Anyone know or experience the code for

wireless connection because i cant figure out how to create the wireless connection code however for the

ethernet connection i managed to grab the code from internet. Any references or link are welcoming..

That's a very broad question, can you narrow it down a bit? What specifically are you trying to do? How are your currently trying to do it?

The first thing to be clear on is that the Yun is NOT a regular Arduino with a WiFi shield - any examples that have a "#include Ethernet.h" or "#include WiFi.h" up near the top will NOT work on the Yun. You must look for examples that use the Bridge Library.

The Yun is different from a regular Arduino in that it has a second processor on it that is essentially a Linux based router. The WiFi and Ethernet network interfaces are managed by the Linux processor. If you want to change any of the network settings, you need to use a web browser to access the Yun's configuration pages, you do not try to do it by loading a different sketch.

Be sure to read these pages, odds are they will answer a lot of your questions: