Wifi E-ink

Hi all

I am looking to do a college thesis project using the e-ink display shield along with an Arduino board with wifi that will run on a recharable battery. What do I need to buy to accomplish this. Any help and direction would be great. Here is the link for the e-ink.


That shield, an uno and a wifi shield would be the obvious starting point. Check though that the shields don't have any conflict in the pins they use, If they do, it's probably not a show stopper, but you will have to wire them up manually, rather than just plugging them together. In this scenario you may need to tweak any libraries that those shields use too.

For power you can either regulate the supply from your batteries to 5V and provide it on Vin or you can provide it via the barrel connector. In the latter case, you'll need a minimum of 7V.

Consider using an ePaperShield Available in three sizes and is an Arduino Shield http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/408216430/e-ink-display-for-any-microprocessor