Wifi for DFrduino All-In-One Controller?

Hello, I have a small robot that I am using the DFrduino Romeo All-In-One v1 controller to control: DFRduino_Romeo-All_in_one_Controller_V1.1_SKU_DFR0004_-DFRobot

I can control it with my keyboard when the robot is connected through USB to a computer, but I'd like to be able to control it remotely. What can I get to give the robot wireless capabilities? I am extremely new to electrical engineering so I don't really know how to tell if 1) the board has an interface for anything wifi related, 2) if it does, what would I be getting, 3) if it does not, what would I get to make it work?

So basically I'd like to know if I can control the robot remotely using this board, but also WHY I can/cannot - what spec is there to allow wifi or missing, etc? Any help at all would be great. I'd be perfectly fine with just "Yes/no it can/cannot, this is what you can use, here's a link to a tutorial, book, etc to learn about it".

Thanks for any help.

Note: I posted this in the Project Guidance forum originally, but I didn't get any responses. I thought that it might be more relevant in this forum so I wanted to post it here. I tried to remove the original thread, but could not.