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Hello, im Wesley from the netherlands and i live in a homeless shelter after losing my house.
We have in the homeless shelter a BIG problem... the wifi doesnt work in all sleeping rooms, the strange thing about that if i step 1 meter outside the room i have wifi... when i hold my phone horizontal on my bed sometimes i have 1 stripe wifi but its gone in seconds and im in the nearest room of the router the rest of the sleeping rooms have maximum 18 meter with a few 9millimeter thick sheetrock plates in the way, there is 1 router and NO signal jammer i know for sure they do it with software.....

We must go to bed in the weekend at 22:00 and that really sucks i want to look Netflix Whatsapp email and surf on the internet

Today i think about a solution and i "invented" one... lets say the hardware is no problem but i never write any code so you are welcome to help me

I want to make this: in the livingroom where is wifi i want to hide behind a power socket cover a 12volt small power supply connected to 230volt, a arduino IDE chip , 5times a ESP8266 for 5 users with there own ssid and password to keep it fast and safe.

Then im there... right? No software on these hotspot that block the sleeping rooms....

Now the questions i dont know the answer...
For the antenna of the ESP i must use 17,3cm copper wire? Whats the best wire to buy?
Is it a problem if the wire is rolling into a bundle because i have limited space behind the powersocket
Are there small antennas perfect for the ESP to broadcast 30 meters distance?

Can someone help me and write the code for me? You will help the homeless of traverse a lot if you do.
Can the code writer give me a Manual about how to write the codes to the chips what i must do
How i make 5 different ssid names and passwords?
And to ask for EVERYTHING a diagram about how to wire the arduino, 1 ESP i know pin 12... but 5 ESP is a bit difficult for someone that never have a arduino in his hands...
I want to write the codes with my samsung a10 phone to the arduino and use my phone to make custom ssid and paswords

I think this will solve the no wifi in the sleeping rooms connect 5 ESPs to the wifi network that is blocking it but i now have 5 new routers...

What do you think about it???


My guess is that the walls have foil-backed insulation. That would make a good shield against WiFi.

The concept of “ hide behind a socket “ suggests “without approval”...

Looks a good route to lose a place in a homeless shelter too .

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