[wifi] how to correctly send client request


i am having some troubble since i don't understand how i should make a client request.
I am using an esp01 with AT commands, and i am trying to control a GoPro camera

i am able to connect to it using:


then i should tell to the gopro that i am sending a request with:


and here my doubts starts:

  1. do i have to put a "GET " if front of the request?
  2. do i have to terminate it with "HTTP/1.0" or "HTTP/1.1" of just the "\r\n?
  3. can i write more bytes than needed and then stop the request with "AT+CIPCLOSE"?
  4. i have seen people also use this at the end of the client request: "Connection: close" is this correct?

this is my request by the way: ""

any help and example will be very useful


this is an interesting read, even if i didn't complete it i already have a question:
it states that a correct request is done with:

GET /docs/index.html HTTP/1.1
Host: www.nowhere123.com

meanwhile i do it with:

GET www.nowhere123.com/docs/index.html HTTP/1.1

is it important to strinctly follow the correct practise?

by the way at the end i were able to make it working :smiley: