WiFi Information

Hello dear forumers.

I'm in middle of developing a project. This idea is to measure few sensors within the car and then transmit the values to a smart phone. I think the best and cost free solution for this is a WiFi-shield. What i was wondering is to what kind of a radius i'd get to transmit the data to the phone.

Thank you for your time. Looking forward to your replies ^_^.

best and cost free solution for this is a WiFi-shield.

It probably isn't, and you should check if you can do this with bluetooth.

Well i've checked on the official shield sides not even aprox range is given so thats why the post xD

It might be better to come forth about how much range you actually need - not to mention what you actually want to do. Bluetooth is typically good for 10m line of sight. WiFi generally has greater range but there is nothing "best" and nothing "cost free" about it, and it may well be the means of last resort.

Oh sorry for that, Well as in cost free i was thinking per say GSM network, that way you would be able to cover a bigger radius i am correct but it'd also cost when you transfer the data, as in best i meant greater range and if you would be able to tell me the pros and cons i'd very much appreciate that. hmm About the range well 10m is i think too small of a radius, lets say id want as much as possible i can get maybe 15~20 meters minimum. Sorry for taking up your time @_@