wifi issues

Hello All I am having hard time connecting to wif it is related to some house automation project using blynk. Since wasn't able to connect with blynk to net work I have decided to take a step backwards & establish a simpler connection via a built in Arduino example (file --> examples---> esp8266----> Hello server) but not avail after uploading the serial monitor is set to 9600 identical to the code and it is unable to connect so decided to modify the router settings and (in the code assigns the user name and password associated with 2.4 instead of 5g in addition tried another way of creating a simple web server something found on youtube https://youtu.be/dWM4p_KaTHY and thought it might a hardware so swapped to a different router by the way it was working before anyone may know what is the problem or what should I do? Thanks

"anyone may know what is the problem or what should I do? "

Sure, you should read the "How to use this forum - please read." at the top of the discussion list. It tells how to post your code and other helpful tips for getting help with issues.