WiFi Manager question.

I am using .autoConnect() in non-blocking mode (.setConfigPortalBlocking(false)). Everything is working good, I can select SSID and connect to it. The question is: if I have already connected to some specific SSID, and this SSID is still available, how can I enforce wifimanager to forget this SSID and let me select another SSID?
Documentation recommends to use startConfigPortal(), but not in pair with autoConnect(), see screenshot. So, what is the solution?

And what is the functional difference between startConfigPortal() and startWebPortal() methods?

You can simply call startConfigPortal() instead of autoConnect()
I use that in some situations.

I have a project that I read a button and if pressed I revert everything back to defaults.
(I use lots of configuration parameters that also get reset)
To reset the network settings I do this:

// disconnect() should clear saved WiFi parameters
 // it only works when in WIFI_STA mode.

The reading of the button is done before autoConnect() is called so that pressing the button on power up
resets everything to defaults and then drops into the WiFi manager config portal.

Once you call disconnect() the saved WiFi parameters are gone.
You can do this anytime you want. After this, a call to autoConnect() will go to the portal since there are no longer any saved WiFi parameters.

--- bill

ok, thank you, will try...

Its been a while but I seem to remember that if the autoconnect() fails, then the portal is started and that times out, that the WiFi mode is not be put back to station mode. That is why I explicitly set it to WIFI_STA before calling disconnnect()

--- bill