WiFi mode on WiFiNINA boards

Hello, i recently acquired an Arduino NANO 33 IoT and i would like it to use it as a WiFi station + Access Point, as i would like it to communicate with other WiFi boards and update data on the cloud.

The main idea here is having some boards taking data from sensors and sending this data via WiFi to the Arduino Nano 33 IoT. Then, the Arduino processes this data and upload it to the cloud, so i would need it to be connected to a WiFi net, and also work as an access point for the other boards.

I saw that the ESP8266WiFi.h library has a method which makes possible to change the WiFi mode, letting it to work as AP + STA, and i would like to know if this is possible whit the WiFiNINA.h library.

Thanks for your help in advance.

did you try it?